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We Offer Financing

Replacing or repairing your roof can be a significant investment for any homeowner. Whether it’s a sudden emergency or planned renovation, we know that finding the funds to cover the cost can be challenging. That’s why we’re here to offer you a convenient and flexible solution for financing your new roof.

Reduced Rate APR%

Looking for an affordable way to finance your new roof? Our reduced-rate APR options make it easy for you to get the work done without breaking the bank.

No Down Payments

Get the new roof you need without any money down. Our flexible financing options allow you to start your roofing project without paying a cent upfront.

Deferred Payments

Need a new roof but can’t afford to pay upfront? With our deferred payment options, you can delay your payments and get the work done now.
Financing Options Offered Through Mosiac

Talk With a Roofing Specialist to Learn More About Financing Your New Roof.

With our roof financing options, you can get the roof of your dreams without worrying about the upfront cost. Our goal is to make roof financing accessible and hassle-free for everyone, so you can focus on what matters most – the safety and comfort of your home.

Rates may vary based on individual credit scores, assets, liabilities, and more. Financing applied for and processed through the Mosaic platform is originated by Mosaic LLC, Solar Mosaic LL, or one of its lending/financing partners. Refer to transaction specific disclosures and loan documents for details and additional information. Please talk with a Baldwin Roofing Company representative to learn more about your qualifications.

No Down Payment Required
No Down Payment Required
No Down Payment Required

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